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by | May 18, 2016 | General Foot Care

Apparently the Ecard and calendar industries have designated May 21 as National Memo Day, although not too many others seem to be that aware of it. You might not like writing memos—or receiving them—but we can think of one time when jotting down information would be helpful: preparing for a doctor appointment at our podiatry offices in Queens and Nassau County.

Why write things down? By the time you are in our office, you might still remember the details of your injury and when symptoms seem to be worse, but what about all the medications you take, the dates of past surgeries or injuries, or your many questions? Memo to self: write these things down! All this information is helpful in determining—and making sure you understand—exactly what’s going on with your feet.

Want more helpful hints for planning your visit ahead of time? Use this handy memo list:

  • Wash your feet—we’ll all be a lot happier if you do—and remove nail polish, too, especially if your nails are the problem you need treated.
  • Make feet accessible by wearing socks and shoes, not tights, and make sure they are large enough to fit over possible bandages after your visit.
  • Bring a friend or family member – a second pair of eyes and ears can be invaluable, especially if you don’t make memos during your visit!
  • Bring needed items along – this includes insurance card, ID, referral letter if needed, past X-rays or lab results, lists of medications, pertinent medical history, shoes that show your wear pattern, etc.
  • Plan for accommodations and transport. If you need an interpreter, or assistance moving around, let us know. Certain treatments may not allow you to drive home afterwards, so have someone available to do so.

We want to make your podiatry visit as comfortable as possible, and the more prepared you are, the easier everything will go.

Here’s our memo to you: Aadvanced Foot Care Associates is committed to excellence in foot care. We will help find the answer to your foot and ankle issues and line up the best treatment—you have our word on that. Call our Nassau County office in Plainview, NY at (516) 822-9595, or our Queens offices in Rego Park (718) 896-4433 and Flushing (718) 969-2266 for an appointment, or schedule one online.


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