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Foot and Ankle ServicesWhen your feet hurt, you shouldn’t ignore it and hope it will go away. Many times it won’t—unless you seek treatment. With over 100 years of foot care know-how, the expert staff at Aadvanced Footcare Associates in New York have seen every type of foot problem—from ingrown nails to fractures. By keeping up with the latest advances in technology and treatment modalities, we can offer you the high standard of care and services you expect for your feet and ankles. Find out more about what a podiatrist can do for you with a look at some of our specialties.

Sports Medicine

We love it when people are getting out and staying active with sports of all types, because they have so many benefits for young and old alike. Football, tennis, soccer and other competitive games keep you fit, provide a social network, and help you develop skills and self-confidence. However, they also bring with them a risk of sports injuries.

If you injure yourself while playing, come to the experts. We use the latest diagnostic tools to pinpoint exactly what went wrong: fracture, sprain, bruises and contusions, tendon and ligament damage, and more. Then we use conservative methods and the latest technology to treat the damaged tissues—including analysis of your biomechanics, custom orthotics, physical therapy, K-laser and shockwave therapy, to name a few.

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in the USA, and often its effects are felt in the feet. As podiatrists, we understand better than most what can happen when diabetes’ sidekicks—poor circulation and neuropathy—play havoc with your lower limbs. We offer treatment for any conditions that develop in your feet and ankles because of diabetes, including the latest vacuum-assisted closure (VAC) wound care for foot ulcers.

Laser Therapy for Fungal Nails

If yellowed, thick, or crumbly toenails are your issue, we have the answer. We can prescribe traditional antifungal medications, but our advanced laser therapy targets and kills the fungus underneath the nail so new, healthy nails can grow out. It’s quick, painless, and has no known side effects, so set up your first treatment today and say good-bye to toenail fungus.

Children’s Foot Care

We would all prefer that our kids have healthy feet that develop normally through their childhood and teen years, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. Flat feet, heel pain from Sever’s disease, and gait problems like in-toeing are fairly common, but we also see and treat rarer issues like clubfoot or Freiburg’s disease. When your kids complain of sore feet or heels, or hesitate to stay active, give us a call so we can figure out what’s wrong and find the best remedy for it.

Surgical Expertise in Queens

Sometimes conditions in your feet require more than conservative care. From repairing torn tendons to fixing bunions to reconstructing broken bones, our board-certified podiatrists are also highly-trained surgeons who can correct such problems with your feet. We will make sure you understand the foot surgery you need and walk you through recovery until you are able to return to your normal activities.

For everything from help in finding the right shoes to surgical repair for a crushed bone, you can count on our staff for the best in podiatric care. Call today to set up an appointment to discuss anything that is bothering your feet. You can reach our Rego Park, NY office at (718) 896-4433, or schedule at our Plainview location at (516) 822-9595, or in Flushing at (718) 969-2266. You can also use our contact form to reach us. We look forward to showing you what we can do to eliminate your foot problems.

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