What to Do About Your Kid’s Smelly Feet?

by | Dec 6, 2017 | General Foot Care

Have you ever lived with someone with smelly feet? (Maybe that someone was you.) If you have, you know it’s a heavy burden to bear!

Now, we’re not talking about a little bit of unpleasantness if you’re brave enough to get in close and take a good whiff. We’re talking about smelly feet that radiate and fill the room with their noxious fumes. We’re talking about shoes that smell so bad you have to keep them outside.

Kids, of course, are particularly prolific when it comes to pungent odors, and their feet are no exception. Unfortunately, they can also be a little oblivious. So if your child has smelly feet, it’ll probably be up to you to save your home from permanent stench.

For starters, it helps to know a bit about what’s going on. Foot odor is produced not by sweat, but by the bacteria that feed on it. Feet tend to sweat a lot, for various reasons—unlike the rest of the body, the soles have no oil glands and must rely on sweat to some extent to stay lubricated. If the sweat doesn’t evaporate in a timely fashion, the bacteria have a chance to move in and start their smelly feast.

To get rid of your child’s smelly feet, then, you need a two-pronged approach—eliminating bacteria and keeping feet dry.

  • Wash their feet every day (or make sure they’re doing it themselves). Feet should be totally dry before putting footwear back on.
  • Buy them moisture-wicking socks and shoes made out of breathable materials. Make sure they’re putting on fresh socks every day, or more often if their socks get damp.
  • It’s a good idea to have at least two pairs of “everyday” shoes, so that each pair can get more than a full day of drying time between uses.
  • Apply an antifungal powder or spray to their feet and inside their shoes every day.
  • Check if their shoes (or at least the insoles) can be washed. If they can, toss them in the machine and let them air dry indoors, away from sunlight.

Once the smell has been purged, be sure your child continues to practice good hygiene and keep their feet clean and dry.

If, however, you just can’t seem to de-funk-ify those stinky feet, bring your child in to see the team at Aadvanced Footcare Associates. It may be that your child has a medical condition that causes excess perspiration, or some other issue contributing to their odor problem. Give us a call at one of our three convenient office locations to set up an appointment:

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