Couple StretchingThe Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corp. 10K Race will be held on October 12 at 10 AM, but if you are running, be sure to get there early enough to warm up well and be ready for the starting gun. The race is 32 years old this year, and brings together runners from all over to enjoy the culture and brownstones of this historic district, along with the great community spirit. It’s a good way to prepare for a marathon, work on your fitness, or just enjoy the camaraderie of being active with other people. Preparing for it properly will help you avoid common injuries and finish without feeling exhausted.

For an overall body warmup, it works well to start by just walking around for a few minutes. The motions of walking resemble those of running, so all the muscles, tendons, and joints get loosened up and ready to go.

Then you can try something called strides. Keeping your steps short and your legs under your torso, jog for at least two minutes, gradually accelerating for the first 60-100 meters, and then gradually slowing down. Then walk around shaking out your legs for 90 seconds. Repeat this procedure to go back to your starting point.

Now try some dynamic stretches—controlled movements like arms swings, side bends, leg lifts, alternate toe touches, soft lunges, etc. Make sure you get good instructions on how to do these so you don’t pull a muscle.

Don’t forget your feet and ankles while you warm up. Rotating the feet by writing the alphabet with your toes, or alternately pointing them down and lifting them up, helps loosen up the ankle joint. Curl your toes under and then spread and lift them to make them more flexible. Rising up and down on your toes also limbers up your feet, and makes the muscles stronger.

Finally, do some skipping, weaving, side shuffles, or butt kicking—exaggerating your stride so your heels come up towards your glutes while walking. All these will help warm up your muscles, increase circulation, and head off injury.

If you want more information about how to properly prepare for a race, contact the experts at Aadvanced Foot Care Associates by calling the Rego Park office at (718) 896-4433, the Flushing office at (718) 969-2266, or the Plainview office at (516) 822-9595.

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