Recovering from foot surgeryYou may be thinking “I don’t have time to have my bunion fixed—and I’ll go crazy sitting around home doing nothing.” Don’t let those thoughts stop you from finding relief. Healing from foot surgery is sometimes shorter than you think, and in the meantime we have lots of tips to relieve your boredom.

Exercise – Non-weight bearing doesn’t mean you can’t exercise at all. There are cardio routines using just your upper body. Be careful not to jar or bump your foot, but you’d be amazed how arm circles, air punches, and more can really get your heart going—and the extra circulation could speed up your healing.

Organize – Gather wastebasket and shredder and go through your files or stacks of papers. Weed out what’s not needed and organize the rest so you can find it when you need it. While you are at it, why not take a trip down memory lane and put all those digital photos on your computer in order?

Learn – You can take up a hobby like knitting or drawing, or learn to speak a second language. There are books at the library and tutorials online to get you started, or maybe a friend would come and teach you so you have some company at the same time.

Watch – You don’t want to become a TV zombie, but here’s a chance to catch up on missed episodes of your favorite comedy or that documentary you’ve been meaning to watch. There’s always Sherlock and Downton Abbey, or try something you normally wouldn’t watch: who knows—you might like it!

Read – From books you should read for your job to a thriller or romance, the options are limitless.

Share – You might enjoy making your family tree, researching your genealogy, or scrapbooking favorite photos. Try writing the story of your life to tell your grandchildren. It’s always fun to see how your reminiscences compare with those of your siblings.

Plan – Have some ideas for redecorating your home or a fun vacation? Now is the time to plan for them.

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