Timing is Everything—Healing from Bunion Surgery

by | Apr 26, 2016 | Blog, Bunions

If you want to knock a baseball out of the park, timing is everything. You need to be patient and wait for your pitch, then judge how fast it is coming to know when to start your swing, and finally keep your eye on the ball to make the best contact with it. Want to hit a home run when healing from bunion surgery? Use some of the same principles.

First, be patient. Every bunion procedure is different, and the severity of your deformity and type of surgery needed will determine your timeframe for recovery. It may be 6 weeks, or it may be 6 months or more, depending on how much of your bones and soft tissues needed correction. The quickest way to strike out after bunion surgery is to put weight on your joint too soon and ruin all the good work that’s been done.

Second, judge how fast you are healing, and follow our coaching to the letter. That includes keeping your stitches dry until we remove them anywhere between 1 and 3 weeks later. It also means no weight-bearing until we feel the joint is ready for that pressure—whether that’s 5 weeks, 8 weeks, or 4 months or more.

Finally, keep your eye on the details. Keep the incision clean and dry, and watch for any signs of infection like excessive discomfort, warmth, or red streaks leading from the site. Use ice therapy to keep swelling and pain under control. If you have pins sticking out of your foot until the bones heal, take care not to bump them. Wear the walking cast, surgical boot, or special shoes we prescribe, and follow our instructions for driving and other activities.

Take the time and attention you need to heal properly so you can resume running around and touching all the bases in your life again. Do everything right and we’ll soon help you celebrate with high fives as you score a victory over your chronic bunion pain!

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