Surgery: The Fix for Your Feet When Nothing Else Works

There are many different options to take care of your feet and eliminate pain. Most treatments are conservative and noninvasive, but when none of those treatments are enough to fix the problem and relieve your pain, surgery becomes an option.

Foot surgery isn’t as scary or overwhelming as many people think it is. While it is considered a last resort, it can be the best option for truly taking care of a painful injury, deformity, or other lower limb issue.


When to Consider Surgery

Foot surgery is considered a “last resort” treatment option for good reason: most foot problems can be treated successfully through entirely conservative and noninvasive options. When rest, shoe changes or orthotics, physical therapy, and lifestyle adjustments are enough to heal injuries and eliminate pain, surgery is unnecessary. However, there are situations when you do need it.

Surgery is a valuable option for severe injuries, chronic pain, or other conditions that aren’t responding to conservative methods. If you have persistent pain and no treatments are working, a deformity that’s keeping you from walking, or a complication from a disease that can’t be treated conservatively, you should consider surgery. Podiatric experts like our team at Aadvanced Footcare Associates will examine your lower limbs and help you determine if a surgical procedure is right for you. Then you can get the care your lower limb really needs to alleviate your discomfort.

Common Foot Surgeries

While there are many possible foot surgeries, some of the most common ones include:

  • Bunion surgery – This deformity can be controlled conservatively, but if it progresses too far, it can inhibit your ability to wear shoes or even walk. Surgery removes the painful protrusion and realigns the problematic toe and metatarsal.
  • Ingrown nail removal – Past a certain point, ingrown toenails will not grow out straight on their own. A removal cuts out the portion of the nail that is painfully digging into your toe.
  • Tendon repair – Torn tendons may not knit back together correctly without a little surgical intervention. A procedure unites the torn ends so they can grow back together and make the tissue functional again.
  • Hammertoe surgery – When this deformity becomes rigid, conservative care may not be enough to relieve pain. This procedure straightens out the toe.
  • Broken bone repair – Some broken bones don’t want to stay aligned so they can grow back together. Surgery allows your podiatrist to pin the fractured ends together so they stay in place and heal correctly.
  • Neuroma surgery or nerve release – Compressed, swollen nerves can be excruciatingly painful. Surgery can reduce the pressure on the nervous tissue, or remove the damaged segment, to relieve pain.
  • Heel release – Chronic heel pain may not respond to conservative methods. A release loosens the overly tight connective tissues, reducing the strain on your heel. Problematic bone spurs can be removed at this time as well.
  • Reconstructive procedure – Severe injuries or conditions like diabetes can result in a collapsed foot. Reconstructive surgery repairs the broken down foot to restore its function.

These are not your only options, of course; there are other foot surgeries, like those to redistribute weight on the ball of your foot, or a procedure to fuse severely damaged joints.

Taking Care of Your Foot Surgery Needs in New York

While foot surgery is nothing to be nervous about, it still is a big step. You want to make sure to work with foot specialists who are not only experienced and highly skilled, but who also have your best interests and recovery in mind. Our experts at Aadvanced Footcare Associates work with you every step of the way, examining your lower limbs carefully to determine if surgery really is your best option or not. After the procedure, we work with you to complete your recovery and rehabilitation, so the problem truly is eliminated and your feet are restored to good health.

If you’re living with foot pain, nothing seems to help, and you’re running out of options, don’t be afraid of surgery. Let the lower limb experts with Aadvanced Footcare Associates help you make the right decision for your feet and take care of the problem. Contact our New York offices for an evaluation today so you can get back on your feet as soon as possible. Just use our website or call one of our office locations: for Rego Park, call (718) 896-4433; for Plainview, call (516) 822-9595; or for Flushing, call (718) 969-2266.


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