Special Shoes for Special Feet

Various types of shoes When there are so many fashionable shoe styles to choose from, why would you opt for specialty shoes? Maybe because you’d like to be able to walk on healthy feet without pain for the remainder of your life. If you have to give up favorite activities because your feet hurt too much, you may be ready to give fashion the heave-ho just to get some relief. Here’s the good news: you don’t have to! We’ve come a long way since granny could choose any color orthopedic shoe she wanted—as long as it was black lace-ups.

What Is a Specialty Shoe?

This footwear is designed to provide what your feet need to be comfortable—which can involve a whole range of issues. Dealing with diabetic sores? Diabetic shoes have fewer seams and more cushioning to protect your tender feet. Need extra support for flat feet, or shoes that pamper your high arches? Styles are made to provide support just at the place you need it, or extra cushioning at the ball and heel of your foot where there is more pressure. Hammertoes or bunions? These shoes normally have a wider and higher toe box to accommodate your misshapen toes and joints. Prescription shoes take it a step farther by correcting for uneven leg length, a collapsing foot structure, or other medical problems.

How to Evaluate Shoes

Try this trick: stand on a large piece of paper and draw a line around each foot (have someone help you if needed.) Now place your shoes one by one on the drawings to see how they line up with your actual foot shape. Chances are the ones that most closely align with those shapes are your favorites because they feel the most comfortable. The ones you want to kick off five minutes after you put them on or make your feet tired and sore at the end of a long day will likely be narrower, shorter, or curved in different ways than those outlines.

Choosing Shoes Wisely

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that shoes that match your foot shape and size will be best for you, but try telling that to the stores with shelf after shelf of footwear with pointed toes, spindly high heels, and few wide width options. That’s where a specialty shoe store can help. They provide a wider range of sizing options in attractive and stylish shoes.

Take your drawing with you when you shop. Besides opting for well-made shoes of breathable material to keep your feet drier and help fight off fungal infections, you can look for styles that match your foot shape most closely. This is as important for athletic shoes as it is for dress styles, and a specialty shoe store usually employs knowledgeable sales people who can guide your shoe choice based on what your feet need.

Weighing the Value of Specialty Shoes

Sure, this footwear might cost a bit more than those thin, hard-soled ballerina flats or sky-high stilettos, but they cost a lot less than the surgery you may end up needing if you let non-supportive shoes ruin your feet. When you add in the advantage of being active without pain once again, the choice should be clear.

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