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It is a delight when you find a jeans maker who seems to understand your body and knows what will fit and feel good on you. The same happens when you find skin care products that don’t make you itch and fidget. Over the years, the expert podiatrists at Aadvanced Foot Care Associates have also found tried-and-true remedies and materials for treating foot problems. Read on for some of the recommended products they have found bring the best results.

Starting with Shoes

There are a few shoe suppliers whose products are of consistent high quality and address many issues that require special gear. Aetrex Shoes have a variety of styles for men and women, as well as offering step analysis and orthotic inserts. Orthofeet Shoes has a line of footwear for diabetic feet that takes into account supporting damaged arches, roominess, and cushioning for ulcers. Propet Shoes have a special motion technology that helps your feet and ankles stay aligned properly as you walk. We can help you find a pair of shoes that fits right and offers the right support and cushioning where you need it.

Dealing with Diabetic Feet

With diabetes, a foot ulcer is always a risk and a great concern. Because it often appears on the bottom of your foot, it can greatly limit your life activities. There are several recommended products we use in healing wounds. One is KCI Wound Vac, a vacuum system that helps clear the wound of infection and draw the edges in to help it heal faster. Cellerate Wound Healing provides powders and gels that promote healing. Skin graft materials like Apligraf and Dermagraft wound inserts and Oasis Wound Matrix provide for quicker healing when your own skin cells are not multiplying quickly enough to close a wound on your foot or leg.

Finishing Off Fungal Infections

Fungal infections can be hard to lick, and part of the problem is that the fungus can embed in your shoes and keep re-infecting your feet. Once we eliminate the fungus in your toenails through medication or laser treatments, we offer Steri-Shoe, a cleaning system that gets rid of bacteria, fungi, and viruses inside your shoes using UV rays. During treatment for fungal toenails, you can use the Keryflex Nail System to improve their appearance while they heal.

Trying Advance Treatments

For many types of foot and ankle pain, the K-Laser treatment system uses concentrated, focused light beams to alleviate the pain and promote healing. It is used for such conditions as Achilles tendinitis, heel pain, ankle sprains, and fractures. If you need surgery to repair broken bones, MetasurgSurgical Implants are superior, titanium screw/anchor blades used to help stabilize them. After surgery, or for other conditions that require immobilizing or protecting your feet and ankles, we use surgical boots, braces, and orthotics from Langer Orthotics and Braces. They also provide orthotics to treat biomechanical issues in your feet.

Caring In and About Our Community

We participate with the Northwell Health System, which includes 16 hospitals and 400 practice locations in the New York area that provide excellent care in all aspects of your health. That means we can refer you to other great medical practices when your concerns are outside our scope of training and expertise.

We care about the future of the children in our community as well. We are proud to sponsor great organizations like the Richmond International Academic and Soccer Academy and the Plainview Little League, which enable kids to learn and develop skills that will help them throughout life.

If you would like more information about any of these recommended products or organizations, please call Aadvanced Foot Care Associates at one of our three New York locations: Rego Park: (718) 896-4433, Flushing: (718) 969-2266, or Plainview: (516) 822-9595. We are always eager to answer your questions and provide you with excellent podiatric care.


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