Physical Therapy

When your feet hurt, it makes everything more difficult. You can’t find comfortable shoes, the discomfort may keep you awake at night, and you stay off the dance floor, knowing you will only suffer for it later. You may even gain weight, because exercising is too painful. Would you be surprised to know that physical therapy (PT) might help relieve your pain?

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Methods that Address Pain Issues

We often think of PT only as something we do after an accident or surgery to recover our function and strength. However, some forms of this therapy are also useful in treating pain:

Heat – Warmth can relax your muscles, loosen the stiff joints of osteoarthritis, and help you move with less pain. It also increases circulation, which helps areas heal faster. It should not be used right after an injury, because it could cause tissues to swell even more.

Cold – Applying ice packs is one way to reduce swelling and inflammation. You can use it up to 20 minutes at a time, several times a day, to relieve pain from an injury or arthritis.

Ultrasound – These high-pitched waves of sound help relax the muscle, ease spasms, and promote healing. Since much of our pain is from tense muscles, this type of therapy can help reduce your discomfort.

Electrical Stimulation – Low levels of electric current are often used to reduce the feeling of pain in an area of the body and stimulate the healing action of the cells.

Hydrotherapy – Performing strengthening and range of motion exercises in a warm pool of water gives you the benefits of exercise without pain and stress on your joints. The warmth also helps relax your muscles and relieve cramps.

Manipulation and Massage- A trained therapist knows what movements and stretches would ease the aching in your feet and ankles. You often naturally react to pain by massaging the area; a therapist knows even better how to work the muscles in your feet to bring relief.

Conditions That Benefit from Physical Therapy

PT definitely helps you recover from surgery or an injury to your feet or ankles. It not only helps relieve pain, but also improves muscle strength and flexibility. A therapist can show you how to do the stretches and exercises in a way that won’t put you at risk for re-injury.

Chronic conditions like arthritis, arch pain, metatarsalgia, and heel pain can also benefit from therapy. The goal of all PT is to increase flexibility, range of motion, muscle strength, and your endurance for activity. Reducing pain using therapy is an added benefit of these exercises.

The great thing about PT is that your therapy is always designed specifically for you. We can focus the exercises, stretches, and pain relief methods in the exact areas where you need help. We can also develop a program that addresses specific underlying problems, such as improper movement patterns or misaligned bone structures.

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