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What are medical pedicures?

Safe pedicure equipment at our Beautiful Being SpaIf a recent pedicure has left you with a painful infection or loss of a toenail, you are likely looking for a better, safer way to care for your feet. Nail care is vital for overall foot health.  However, unsanitary conditions at some nail salons can turn a relaxing treatment into a source of foot pain. Medical pedicures done by licensed medical nail technicians are relaxing and safe.  Performed in the sanitary environment of a physician’s office, you don’t have to worry about fungal toenails, athlete’s foot, or nails and cuticles that are cut improperly. You’ll experience the following benefits:

Peace of Mind

If you have ever dealt with infection caused by a pedicure, then you know the pain and embarrassment that can result. Fungal infections are difficult to treat, and it is a long process for the nails to repair or replace themselves.  If you are a client that needs to avoid a pedicure due to health concerns and the risks involved, it is important to know that your feet can look great with no risk. Medical nail technicians receive advanced education that combines podiatry with nail care and complete an internship with a board certified podiatrist before being licensed themselves.

Foot and Nail Care Provided

During a medical pedicure, you receive more than a simple pedicure. At a nail salon, everyone gets the same treatment, but with a medical pedicure you receive exactly what your feet and toes need.  After an inspection, the technician will address any existing issues including ingrown toenails, blisters, calluses, sprains, and many other conditions. If podiatric treatment is necessary for a specific issue, a doctor is right on the premises to oversee care.

Preventative and Medical Care Provided

During your first visit, the medical nail technician will note signs and symptoms of foot conditions. In addition to your pedicure, you will receive preventative measures for foot and nail care to help you avoid future problems. Education can include information such as the type of shoe that is best for your foot shape or how to avoid blisters in the future.

Pedicures Completed in a Safe, Sanitary Environment

Making an appointment for a pedicure should be worry free. With a medical nail technician you receive a complete pedicure, along with excellent sanitary procedures to make sure you are never at risk. Tools are never reused between patients and cleaning is completed at or above state regulations. You can rest assured that you are receiving a safe treatment.  Medical nail technicians offer the best care with each medical pedicure given and provide you with peace of mind where your health is concerned.

Enjoy a relaxing, safe pedicure at Aadvanced Foot Care Associates.  Call our Plainview location at (516) 822-9595 to schedule an appointment.


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