K-Laser for Fungal Nails


Time for Laser Tag: Laser Treatment for Thick Ugly Toenails

If you’ve ever played laser tag, you know how exciting it is to run around an obstacle course, aiming your laser and zapping targets—or your enemies. What you may not know is that lasers are used medically to treat many “enemies,” too. If you are suffering from embarrassing and unattractive thick yellow toenails, you may wish there was something that could just zap them out of your life. At Aadvanced Foot Care Associates we use laser treatment with great success for that very purpose.

Fungus: Your Toenails’ Enemy

nail fungus Fungi are everywhere, but colonies thrive in areas that are dark, warm, and damp. That’s why your feet are at such risk: they hide out in the dark and build up warmth when they are encased in shoes and socks, and when you are active, they sweat. It’s a recipe for fungal problems. Even the smallest crack in the skin or separation of the toenail from its bed is all the fungus needs to invade and multiply. You can end up with a number of problems, including fungal toenails. It may begin with just a small white or yellow spot under your nail, and then they begin to discolor, thicken, crumble, and even smell bad as the fungus feeds on the nail tissue. Think about what would happen if you stuck your hand in a bee hive….you would get stung. Well that’s what happens when you put your foot in a “fungal hive” also know as your shoes. You’re going to get attacked by the fungus.

Stop Fungus in Its Tracks with Laser Treatment

Over the years, fungal toenails have been treated with oral medications and topical creams with moderate success. However, topical treatments can be messy and take a long time, and use of oral medication requires monitoring, because it comes with some risks to your liver function. Recently, treating with lasers is becoming recognized as a safer, easier way to address fungal conditions. Laser therapy is based on complicated science involving how the body responds to light. An easy way to explain it might be that it uses waves of light to heat up the infected cells and vaporize them. The light beams penetrate the nail without harming it and focus on the damaged cells underneath. When the fungus-infected tissue is killed, your body can once again grow normal nails.

Laser Therapy Is Quick and Painless

An average treatment takes about 15 minutes. No messy creams to deal with: our specialists use K-Laser’s hand-held unit to direct the light waves exactly where they need to focus. You may feel a sense of warmth in the tissues being treated, but no pain. You can walk out of our office the same way you came in, knowing that your fungal toenails are on the road to healing.

Our experts Dr. Hal Abrahamson and Dr. Daniel E. Orozco are trained to use K-Laser for many applications and have over 100 years combined experience in great foot care. Don’t let another day go by hiding your unattractive toenails from sight. Call one of our three locations for an appointment today: Rego Park at (718) 896-4433, Plainview at (516) 822-9595, and Flushing at (718) 969-2266.


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