Is Having a Gait Analysis the Answer to Your Foot Pain?

Whenever an advance is made in the medical field, companies are quick to expand on it. As human movement science developed, athletic shoe manufacturers were quick to see the possibilities and many began offering gait analysis in their stores to help you choose your running shoes.

The trouble is, most shoe store assistants, even with training, are not qualified to accurately analyze your feet or diagnose foot problems. The foot specialists at Aadvanced Foot Care Associates have years of medical training and experience to do just that, with the added value of proper treatment once your issue is understood.

Analyzing Gait Analysis

Benefits of a Gait Analysis If you have foot pain, difficulty walking, or certain medical condition, you may benefit from this special look at your feet to find answers to your walking problems. The field has come a long way and a full, clinical evaluation includes several aspects: videotaping your stride, taking measurements of gait parameters, measuring and analyzing the kinetic movements in your joints, and electromyography to measure the health and function of the muscles and nerves. This scientific data is very useful when interpreted for qualified podiatrists.

When We Use the Test

When we investigate why you have foot pain, why it drags or flops when you walk, or other problems such as knee or hip pain, we begin by learning your medical history, discussing symptoms and when they occur, and examining your feet.

Depending on what we learn, we may recommend a gait analysis to find out exactly how your bones, tendons, muscles and nerves behave when you stand, walk, or run. This helps us to diagnose your foot issues, and decide whether orthoses or some other type of treatment could help your feet function better.

Analysis like this It can also be used before and after treatment or surgery to see whether the problem has been addressed. In addition, it helps us design and tweak orthotics of all types to provide the best benefit for your feet.

We may work in conjunction with your medical doctor to address gait problems from conditions like cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, and nerve problems. A gait analysis can help us identify bone abnormalities or joint misalignments, muscle weakness, spastic nerves, and other conditions that make it hard for you to walk without pain.

A Word about Custom Orthotics

Many times this type of analysis is mentioned mainly as a means to fit you with custom orthotics—those inserts you put in your shoes to help rebalance the foot and treat foot pain. In the hands of those with the right training and full knowledge of foot mechanics, it is a useful tool for this.

You may also find a running shoe store that performs its version of an analysis to guide you in your shoe choice. While this could be helpful, we caution you to make sure the staff is properly trained and reputable.

It would really be better to come in to Aadvanced Foot Care Associates for a professional examination by our foot specialists. We may recommend certain shoe types to address your pronation or tendon issues, but we also provide in-depth diagnosis and targeted treatment for all your foot issues. Call one of our three New York offices today for an appointment: Rego Park at (718) 896-4433, Plainview at (516) 822-9595, and Flushing at (718) 969-2266. You may also schedule online on our website.


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