What is a Podiatrist?

If you are wondering what a podiatrist does, it may be because you are having foot troubles and someone recommended that you see a foot specialist. Most physicians become experts in specific areas of care, such as urology, cancer, or respiratory problems. For podiatrists, our expertise is feet and ankles, and all of our medical training is done from that perspective. When you have an issue with your lower limbs, we are the first ones you should call.

What is a Podiatrist?What Can Go Wrong in Your Feet

The first step in getting superior family foot care is to know what can go wrong and when you should come and see us. Ailments can happen to any of the different foot tissues:

  • The structure – your bones can be bruised, become thin (osteoporosis), develop spurs, become dislocated, and fracture—including hairline cracks called stress fractures.
  • The connectors – your ligaments and tendons. Ligaments hold bones together and tendons connect them to muscles so they can move. They can stretch too far, lose elasticity, become inflamed, degenerate and fray, or tear.
  • The movers – your muscles enable you to walk, run, and jump. They can become strained and inflamed from activity, or develop spasms and degenerate from medical conditions like tetanus and muscular dystrophy.
  • The messengers – your nerves send danger signals to your brain and take back messages that direct movement. They can become pinched or compressed, be injured in an accident or through overuse, or they can deteriorate because of diseases like epilepsy or Parkinson’s.
  • The transporters – your arteries and veins bring nutrients and oxygen needed for cell function to all parts of your body and carry away waste products. Ailments include conditions like clogged arteries and weak valves in the veins, which can lead to many painful or serious issues in your feet and legs as well as the rest of your body.

When You Need a Podiatrist

If you or someone you care about develops a problem in any of these parts of your feet or ankles, we should be your first call. All of our training and all of our experience is focused on knowing how to diagnose what has gone wrong with them and figuring out the best way to treat them. We are fully trained physicians and surgeons who have a full arsenal of therapies at our disposal—from custom orthotics to the latest technologies like laser treatments.

Some of our specialties include handling sports injuries, caring for arthritic and diabetic feet, treating the ever-common heel pain, and monitoring your child’s foot development. Whenever possible, we will try to find a solution for foot pain or injury through conservative measures, but if surgery becomes necessary, we are fully qualified to perform those procedures as well.

Pain is usually your first indicator that something is wrong. Foot pain is not normal, and you shouldn’t ignore it. Many times prompt attention to discomfort enables a quick and easy fix that takes care of your symptoms and allows you to return to activity quickly. Waiting can mean the problem gets worse and requires more extensive treatment—and you end up needing longer recovery times.

Your Queens and Nassau County Foot Experts

The podiatrists at Aadvanced Foot Care Associates are ready and eager to help you find relief from foot pain and mobility issues. You can reach our three New York offices at these phone numbers: Plainview (516) 822-9595, Rego Park (718) 896-4433, or Flushing (718) 969-2266. Alternatively, you could request an appointment right now by filling out our contact form and our staff will communicate with you. Contact us today and say goodbye to your sore feet and ankles!


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