Feet in rainRainy days in New York can be a real bother, especially if your umbrella isn’t working. You know how those metal spines can lose their connections and bend all funny, so the rain drips down your neck instead of off behind you. Imagine, then, what happens when ligament damage in foot joints allows the bones to move out of position, such as with a dislocated toe. Now you are dealing with pain, bruising, and swelling—not just a few raindrops.

If you have these symptoms, or your toe looks deformed and you can’t move it, get yourself to Aadvanced Foot Care Associates in Rego Park or Plainview, NY and have it checked out. The same goes for bruising and pain in the middle of your foot, which could mean a Lisfranc injury.

When damaged ligaments can’t do their job, your bones slip out of position. A dislocated toe can compromise your balance and ability to walk. Be on the lookout for other complications as well, such as cold, numb or tingly toes (nerve or circulation issues), or redness, warmth or discharge (inflammation or infection).

We will evaluate the injury and treat it (including using surgery to realign the bones if necessary), but you can also do the following at home to help with the discomfort while the ligaments heal:

  • Elevate the leg for the first couple of days to reduce swelling. Lift it waist high when sitting and use a pillow under it when lying down.
  • Use an ice pack to chill the pain—20 minutes every hour or two the first day, and every 3 or 4 hours the second.
  • If we buddy tape your toe to keep bones aligned, it will need to be redone whenever the tape becomes wet or dirty.
  • We may prescribe crutches or a stiff-soled shoe or boot to keep the weight off your foot as your toe mends.
  • We can recommend the right pain reliever and dose to deal with severe discomfort.
  • Use pain as your guide. If your toe still hurts when you try to walk barefoot, you need more time to heal.

We’ll let you know when you can safely resume activities after a dislocation. Trust your feet to the experts at Aadvanced Foot Care Associates by calling one of our offices for an appointment:

Rego Park (718) 896-4433
Plainview (516) 822-9595
Flushing (718) 969-2266

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