4 Steps to Healing a Chip Fracture in Your Foot

by | Sep 26, 2016 | Fractures

People like to think their children are a “chip off the old block,” but an actual chip off of something tends to cause alarm. You probably wouldn’t be happy to find a chip off your car’s paint job, your home’s new siding, or your favorite vase. A chip off a foot bone is even worse. This kind of fifth metatarsal fracture is all too common on the outside of your foot; however, with the proper care, you can heal a chip fracture and get your feet feeling strong again.

Also called avulsion fractures, these small breaks are a small piece of bone that is pulled away from the base of your fifth metatarsal (that’s the base of your little toe). Normally this happens after a severe ankle sprain. The sudden stretching of the tendon or ligament on the outside of the foot pulls the connective tissue away from the bone, taking a chip of hard bone with it.

Normally the bone can be healed using entirely conservative, noninvasive methods. There are four basic steps to healing:

  • Diagnose it – If the outside of your foot is hurting, get it checked. We’ll use X-rays or other diagnostic tests to identify the injury.
  • Immobilize it – Bones need to be kept still to repair a break. You’ll need to wear a special boot or possibly a cast to immobilize your foot so the chip can heal on the side of your metatarsal.
  • Rest it – You’ll have to take a break from activities. Avoid standing and walking on your fracture as much as possible. Normally this injury takes about six weeks to heal.
  • Condition it – Just like any other fracture, your foot will need conditioning and rehabilitation after being immobilized. Take time to build up your strength.

Fifth metatarsal fractures of any kind need active care to recover, and a chip fracture is no different. The sooner you take care of your foot, the easier it tends to be for healing. If you’re concerned about the bones in your feet, or know you might have a chip fracture of some kind, don’t wait. Let Aadvanced Footcare Associates take care of your feet today. Simply contact our New York offices for an appointment through our website or by calling: (718) 896-4433 for Rego Park, (516) 822-9595 for Plainview, or (718) 969-2266 for Flushing.


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