FAQ - Circulation Problems

Why are my feet always cold?

Socks for Cold FeetIn spite of what people say, having cold feet doesn’t necessarily mean you lack courage! You can be the bravest person in the world and still have chilly toes. In colder weather, it may simply mean that the floors you walk on are colder, and you may need to wear a warmer pair of socks or slippers.

There are some medical conditions that cause this condition as well. Having poor circulation is the most common, especially if you have a sedentary job or lifestyle that keeps you sitting down most of the day. Problems with your thyroid gland, Raynaud’s disease, and peripheral neuropathy are other underlying conditions that can bring on this symptom.

If wearing warmer socks and shoes and getting more movement during the day doesn’t warm up your feet, let our team of experts at Aadvanced Foot Care Associates in New York find the root cause of your discomfort. Call (718) 896-4433, or contact us on our website to set up an appointment.

How do I know if I have poor circulation in my feet?

There are several symptoms to watch for that might indicate poor circulation. A change in skin color is one – your foot might appear to have a bluish tone. If one foot is colder than the other, you could have a blood flow problem. Other symptoms are loss of hair on the feet; shiny, thin-looking skin; rashes, sores, swelling or numbness; and cramps in your calves after exercise. Some signs may need a medical examination to detect, such as weak pulse or unusual appearance of the veins. It is important to seek podiatric care if you experience these symptoms, as poor circulation leads to other complications, such as slower healing times. Problems in your feet could also indicate the presence of serious problems elsewhere in your system that could lead to increased heart and stroke risks. Call Aadvanced Foot Care Associates today at (718) 896-4433, (516) 822-9595, or (718) 969-2266 for a consultation.

How can I improve circulation in my feet?

Poor circulation in your feet can be caused by many things (trauma, plaque in your arteries, varicose veins, even infection) but it is also a common complication from diabetes. Fortunately, there are many natural remedies that can help improve circulation.

With diabetes and atherosclerosis (plaque buildup), start by eating right. Substitute vegetables, fruits and lean protein for fatty and sugary foods to see an improvement. Exercise is also a plus. When you do so, your heart begins to pump more often and the faster-moving blood helps clear out your blood vessels.

Massage can also help stimulate blood flow, as well as hydrotherapy (alternating warm and cool water baths every 30 seconds for a few minutes). Yoga and stretching may help, as well as getting up and walking around every hour if you have a sit-down job—or even simply wiggling your feet and legs while seated.

If home methods are not helping, call Aadvanced Foot Care Associates in New York. We can diagnose the cause and prescribe other remedies or medication that could increase blood flow. You can reach our Flushing, NY office at (718) 969-2266, our Plainview location at (516) 822-9595, or in Rego Park at (718) 896-4433.


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