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Can shoes cause bunions?

Foot experts can’t seem to agree: Can shoes cause bunions? Although it was believed for decades that the jutting joint by your big toe was caused by tight, pointed, or high-heeled women’s shoes, that doesn’t explain why men and children get them, too. Today, most agree that your foot structure and gait are the more likely culprits, but shoes can increase the pain and swelling.

You may have inherited lax foot joints or an arch style that causes undue pressure on the toe, or a past injury may have caused the misalignment. Rheumatoid arthritis can also be a factor.

Whatever the underlying reason, wearing the wrong type of shoes certainly won’t help. If your feet are at risk, don’t make it worse by cramming your toes into tight shoes or forcing your weight onto the ball of your foot. If you must wear stylish shoes for your job, make sure heels are less than a couple inches high and the fronts of the shoes are wide enough so your toes lie flat and can wriggle around.

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