Tailoring a Plan for Your Bunionette

Clothes that fit well and move with you are more attractive and comfortable to wear, but in an age of mass production, few of us can afford tailored clothes with those qualities—unless we make them ourselves. If a bunionette is making your foot unattractive and uncomfortable, you want a treatment plan tailored to your feet and your lifestyle. Learn about this deformity so we can work with you to address how it is limiting your life.

The Bunionette Pattern

Treating your BunionetteA tailor’s bunion forms on the outside edge of your foot at the littlest toe joint. This area where your metatarsals and phalanges meet (MTP joint) begins to jut outward, and the soft tissue and skin at the bump is then irritated by pressure from your footwear. The reason your feet deform in this way is still not fully understood, but after observing this condition in patients over many decades, a pattern emerges that is pretty undeniable.

  • They happen most often to women (though they can form in men, too).
  • They commonly occur as you get a little older (but kids also can get them as well).
  • They are most likely due to the feet you inherit and your biomechanics—the way your feet move when you walk.
  • Shoes make a difference. Although they may not cause a bunionette on their own, pressure from shoes can definitely hurry it along or make it worse.

If you have a painful bump or callus at the base of your little toe, you likely have this deformity.

Designing Treatment that Fits

You need to get help from someone who understands this deformity, but who also takes the time to learn what your life is like to help you find the best way to stop the bunionette in its tracks. It is fine for a foot doctor to say you shouldn’t wear heels, but what if they are required for your job? At Aadvanced Foot Care Associates we can recommend footwear that leaves room for your toes and has a lower heel, but is still stylish enough for your dressy office suits.

Sure, stretches may help to keep the toe from drifting too far inward, but how and when are you supposed to fit them into your busy schedule? We can show you easy ones you can do while sitting at your desk at work, waiting to pick up your kids from soccer practice, or even in bed as you relax after a full day before you fall asleep.

Caught early, the condition often responds to rather simple remedies like shoe choice, protective padding around the bunionette, stretching, icing to relieve pain and swelling in the soft tissues, and oral or injected medication. If it doesn’t, our foot specialists in Queens are experts at performing surgery to correct it and relieve your discomfort.

Cutting out the Pain of a Tailor’s Bunion

There are several surgical procedures to deal with the bony protrusion. One is to simply remove part of the fifth metatarsal head that is bumping out. Another is to cut the end of the long bone, realign it at a better angle, and hold it together with pins as it heals in a straighter line.

Recovering from these surgeries will take a few weeks, and we will design a rehab plan complete with any physical therapy you may need to strengthen your foot and regain full use. This is when we may take a look at foot biomechanics to see if custom orthotics could prevent a recurrence of the problem by correcting your gait. We’ll also help you discover which shoe styles will be best to keep pressure off the MTP joint.

We’ll Get You Strutting the Catwalk in Style

Once your bunionette stops causing you pain, you will be able to walk and run more easily and comfortably, with the added benefit of a more shapely foot. Don’t wait and let a small problem develop into an unsightly deformity that limits your activities. At the first sign of redness or pain, call one of our three offices for an appointment – Plainview (516) 822-9595, Rego Park (718) 896-4433, or Flushing (718) 969-2266 – or schedule one right on our website.


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