Stop Smelly Feet from Troubling You

Has this happened to you? You come home from a long day on your feet at work, take off your work boots, peel off your sweaty socks, and wiggle your toes in relief—and then catch a whiff of something that reminds you of a swamp or a particularly pungent cheese. Whew! Good thing no one else is close by. Smelly feet are no fun—for you or for those you live with. Fortunately, there are ways to handle foot odor and most of them you can do at home.

Why Do My Feet Smell?

Everyone’s feet sweat. Your feet have no oil glands to keep them moist, as the rest of your body has, but they have sweat glands instead—about 250,000 of them to be precise. Most of your perspiration evaporates, but if your skin stays damp the bacteria that are everywhere start feeding on the sweat. It is these microorganisms that actually cause the odor, not the sweat itself.

Some people have more sweat glands than others, and therefore have moister feet. Long periods on your feet—or even being under stress—can also increase your perspiration level, as can hormones and certain medications. When you wear shoes or socks that don’t breathe, that excess moisture is trapped against your skin, letting the bacteria go to town!

Good Hygiene for Smelly Feet

There are habits you should do every day to keep foot odor away. Wash off those bacteria with mild soap and water so they don’t build up. Dry your feet afterwards—you can even put antiperspirant on them to help them stay drier all day. Keep your toenails trimmed and clean as well to prevent bacteria collecting there. The same is true for callused skin, which gets softer when it is moist. Those little organisms love that soft, dead skin so use a foot file, pumice stone, or emery board to regularly slough it off.

Footwear Matters for Foot Odor

Check what you are putting on your feet. You will want to wear a fresh pair of socks every day or even take a clean, dry pair along to change mid-day. Choose socks made of fabrics that wick dampness away from your skin.

Canvas or mesh shoes are the most breathable materials. Even leather allows moisture to escape better than vinyl, rubber, or plastic. Make sure your shoes are not too tight so the air can circulate, and have a couple of pairs so each can dry out thoroughly between wearing. You can also use powders or baking soda to keep your feet and shoes drier.

See the Experts for Controlling Odor Problems

At Aadvanced Foot Care Associates, we know how to take care of bromodosis—smelly feet. We can diagnose whether you have hyperhidrosis—a medical condition that causes excess perspiration, or find out what else is contributing to your problem. There are medicated powders, sprays and creams that help keep your feet dry, prevent fungal and bacterial growth, and act as deodorants. We’ll help you choose the one that is best for your situation.

Stop annoying your nose or your neighbors with foot odor that can be controlled. Call one of our New York offices and set up an appointment to deal with your smelly feet today. We can be reached in Rego Park by calling (718) 896-4433, in Flushing at (718) 969-2266, or in Plainview at (516) 822-9595.


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