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The foot is a very complex extension of the human anatomy. When it comes to children, whose feet are still developing, problems with the feet can develop quickly. Children grow at remarkably fast rates, and so it is important to catch complications early before they turn into debilitating issues that can continue into adulthood.

Foot pain and symptoms are less common. While children will enter and leave many different stages of foot growth, it is important to be aware of the normalcy and abnormalcy of any issues associated with those stages. In-toeing, out-toeing, flexible flatfoot, and overlapping toes not only can occur during childhood development, but they may also cause major problems if left untreated.

Children most commonly experience pain the balls of the feet, heels or knees. This indicates that you should see your podiatrist immediately. This pain could be caused by Freiberg’s or Sever’s disease.

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There are many signs that will indicate that your child may be having foot problems. The wear on their shoes could be different. Discoloration of the skin or nails, as well as bumps on the foot or skin should cause concern. Pay attention to the general coordination and stamina of your child. Falling and fatigue can be caused by foot problems. If they are unwilling to participate in activities that they normally enjoy, foot or heel pain could be the reason.

Children will generally react in one of two ways to foot pain. They will either tell you it hurts, or they may not want to show you their feet for fear of a doctor’s visit. Either way, listen and watch for these signs. You should make it a regular event to check your child’s feet for problems. If a problem arises it is best to see your podiatrist. These foot specialists will know if additional treatments, including special footwear, braces, casts, or even surgery may be necessary.

Are you concerned about your child’s pediatric foot health? A team of experts is on your side at Aadvanced Foot Care Associates. We can help with any foot and ankle conditions your little one may experience, as well as provide advice on matters such as proper footwear. Call any of our three locations today to address your child’s foot pain.

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