Obesity and Your Feet

When many people think of obesity and their health, they tend to think about diseases like heart disease and diabetes. What some fail to recognize is that the feet are affected drastically by obesity as well!

Your feet work hard every day to ensure that you can complete your daily tasks. They propel us through our chores, through the day at work, and help us to join in the activities that we love like sports and hiking. While they are working, they are experiencing immense amounts of pressure. When you gain weight or are obese, this causes even more pressure on the bones, tissues, and joints in your feet.

Excess Weight Causes Stress on Your Feet!

Obesity and Your FeetExcessive weight causes your foundation to endure pressure and stress that it was not designed to handle. As a result, pain from “wear and tear” injuries like plantar fasciitis are common. When the tissues in the feet undergo such stress, they tend to tear as they are stretched beyond their limits. Stress could even go so far as to cause stress fractures in the bones. As the years go by, continuous stress may greatly increase the risk for chronic pain like that of arthritis.

As your body attempts to compensate for the extra weight, it also has the tendency to cause you to move differently resulting in changes to your gait. This opens up the possibility not only for foot and ankle pain, but also knee, hip, and neck pain. Protecting them will help to prevent these types of complications.

Weight Complications

Special attention will need to be paid to your choice in footwear if you have trouble controlling your weight. The disproportionate force placed on your feet from the weight may cause circulation issues, leading to nerve damage in the feet. Orthotics or special footwear may be prescribed in order to help promote circulation as you work to reduce your weight.

Oftentimes obesity is related to diabetes. If you have diabetes, special foot care steps need to be taken to prevent complications that include infection which can lead to amputation. Managing blood glucose levels and a healthy diet are extremely important in preventing excessive weight in patients with diabetes.

Make a Change for the Better

In order to prevent these issues, regular physical exercise is a must. If you are already overweight, changes in your lifestyle will make a great difference! There are many low-impact exercises that you can do in order to reduce the force on your feet, while helping you to shed pounds. Swimming and bicycling are just two examples of ways to start getting your whole body back into shape. Combined with a healthy diet, you will notice that you are experiencing less and less foot pain each day.

If you are currently experiencing foot or ankle pain, the podiatrists at Aadvanced Foot Care Associates are here to help! With three convenient office locations in New York, you can easily make an appointment by visiting our Offices page or requesting an appointment. Don’t wait to make the lifestyle changes that you need to reduce your foot pain!


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