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Can You Train Your Feet for High Heels?

High heels can be extremely difficult and painful to wear, yet despite this they remain a common component of women’s fashion—particularly in formal and professional settings. Whether you wear them because you like the way they look, or simply because you feel you’re...

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How to Treat Heel Pain at Home

Aching heels are good at one thing: ruining your day. Maybe you have to hobble through your work shift. Or maybe you spend most of your vacation on a bench or in your hotel room because you can only sight-see for an hour at time. And you can forget about shopping,...

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What to Keep in Mind As Your Feet Age

Aging affects us all, and it affects every part of us. That very much includes the feet, something you may have already realized if heel pain, arthritis, bunions, dry skin, wobbly ankles, lack of balance, or any number of other conditions have emerged over the years....

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