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What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is one of the most exciting new, emerging fields within the podiatry arena. These techniques are changing the game for patients, by helping them recover faster and more successfully from injuries and chronic conditions. In the past, many of these...

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How to Nullify Neuroma Pain

If we were trying to come up with a list of “most aggravating foot conditions,” there’s a good chance that Morton’s neuroma would occupy one of the top spots. This common nerve problem is caused by thickening of nerve tissue, usually on the bottom of the foot between...

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What Is a Chip Fracture?

When you picture a “broken bone,” you’re probably thinking of a sickening crack and a traumatic accident. But that’s a very incomplete picture! For example, sometimes bones crack slightly but don’t break through—these are called stress fractures. Another common type...

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