Boots and BlistersAre you a history buff always looking to learn about how things started? If you live around Brooklyn, NY there is a great event called the Brooklyn Bridge Park tour that is a great way to be active, learn some history and it is free! Meet up at Pier 1 this Sunday, November 3rd, 2013 for a walking tour that will give you the history of the Brooklyn waterfront, a lesson on how the park came to life and an inside look into the sustainable design of the area.  It may be chilly, so bundle up and wear some warm, comfortable shoes.

For events like this, and when cooler weather hits, it is good idea to bring out some boots that will protect your feet from the elements. Unfortunately for some, squeezing feet into shoes and boots after wearing sandals or flip-flops all summer may take some getting used to. It also might be painful if you have developed a few lumps or bumps. Blisters, corns and bunionettes are common bumps found on feet but you do know the difference?

Different foot conditions should be treated in their own way so it’s important to know what you are looking at. A blister typically forms on your heel or the tops of your toes. It is a fluid-filled sac that resembles a little bubble on your skin. They most often develop from friction while wearing shoes that are either too big or too small. A corn is a small bump on the skin usually found on the tops or sides of the toes. They have a hard center surrounded by red, inflamed skin. Ill-fitting shoes are also the cause for this problem. A bunionette, also called a tailor’s bunion, is similar to a bunion except this small bony bump develops on the outer edge of the foot rather than the inner. Once again, the pressure from tight fitting shoes leads to the development of this bump.

Now that you are able to decipher what your painful bump is, give Aadvanced Foot Care Associates a call to find out the best way to treat it. We have three locations around New York to serve you including Rego Park, Plainview & Flushing. Call us at (718) 896-4433 to make an appointment today!

Photo credit: wax115 (Carlos Paes)

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