Walking into sunriseUnless you are a plumber, you need to do some research before you tackle fixing that leak in your bathroom faucet. Do you need a whole new faucet, or just a new hose, connector, or washer? It’s much easier to call in an expert. When foot pain keeps you down, you can try to educate yourself about what could be wrong, but why not contact our New York foot doctors for an expert evaluation, including a gait analysis if needed?

This test includes a physical examination, observation to detect abnormalities in your foot and ankle structure, exact measurements, computer scans, and videos of your motion on a treadmill, which can be slowed down to see exactly how your foot absorbs and transfers your weight with each stride.

This data helps us determine where the problem lies. Pain under your heel or arch can often be attributed to plantar fasciitis—inflammation from damage to the ligament along your sole that connects heel and toe bones. We can learn your pronation pattern—how much and in which direction your foot rolls to spread the impact of your steps. This helps us design custom orthotics or prescribe certain shoe styles that can keep your feet in better alignment and relieve arch and heel pain.

The tests can also help us pinpoint other issues, like neuromuscular malfunction that that causes conditions like foot drop, or faulty foot alignment that causes pain further up in your knees, hips, and back. Runners use gait analysis to see where they could improve the efficiency of their strides. The goal is to have every movement propel you forward, rather than waste energy in up-and-down or side-to-side movement. Scans are also helpful before and after physical therapy or surgery, to see if the correction procedures have accomplished their purpose.

Newer equipment is able to scan the foot to produce 2-D and 3-D images. It is a great tool that we can use to gain more precise information about how your foot moves, and then design orthotic devices to address very specific variations in your foot structure.

Ready to fix what is causing your foot pain? Call Aadvanced Foot Care Associates at one of our three New York locations: Rego Park (718) 896-4433, Plainview (516) 822-9595, or Flushing (718) 969-2266. You can also set up an appointment by sending a message to our friendly staff online.

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