Football player jumpingThanksgiving weekend is all football, all the time. There are the Fordham Prep vs. Xavier High School and other New York High School Turkey Bowl and state playoff games, eleven college games this year, and a full roster of pro games on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That’s a lot of chances for players to come limping off the field with sports injuries!

Common football injuries include sprains, torn tendons, and muscle bruise/cramps/pulls, besides the more serious dislocations, broken bones, or concussions. One ligament problem actually got its name because it began happening more after artificial turf became the norm for many football fields. Turf toe is a sprain of the ligaments in the joint between your big toe and foot, and it can be extremely painful and take a while to resolve.

Ankle sprains are common in this sport, too, because of all the twisting and turning during runs and the force put on the feet along the line of scrimmage. Such a close contact sport greatly increases the chances of someone stepping on your foot or landing with all their weight on your leg when your foot is in an awkward position. It is so important that these injuries heal fully and correctly, to lessen your risk of chronic ankle instability or arthritis developing in the joint in later years.

Jumping and landing are common movements receivers and runners use to catch balls and leap over their opponents, but they can cause Achilles tendon problems at the back of your heal. The spectrum of problems runs from inflammation (tendinitis) to tears or full ruptures of this heel cord that enables most movement in your feet and legs.

Even if you aren’t a football enthusiast, many people take advantage of the nice weather we can sometimes have on these non-workdays to go out to the park for a run, and any activity like this ups your chances of injury, too.

If it happens to you, remember that Aadvanced Foot Care Associates in Queens has a team of dedicated, expert podiatrists who specialize in sports injuries and can help you identify the problem, design the best treatment, and follow up with physical therapy guidance to get you back in great form again. Call one of our three New York office locations and get the help you need:

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